Friday, December 10, 2010

Brandon Daniels Introduces Himself

younger Brandon at right

Brandon Daniels #00426387
Jackson Correctional Institution
PO Box 233
Black River Falls, Wi 54615

Dear Viewer:
My name is Brandon Daniels. I'm 26 years old and from Milwaukee, WI. I've been told by many, and if I may say so myself, I'm a down to earth intelligent respectful charismatic determined well rounded humorous guy.

However, like anyone other then Jesus I've made my share of mistakes within my life. Although I've also learned many valuable lessons by experiencing those obstacles that god laid before.

Which I personally believe is perhaps one of the main purposes of life itself.

I enjoy strengthening my tempo mentally, physically and spiritually. And have been doing so the last four years. I have come to deeply crave knowledge on many levels.

I've been blessed to bring my own reading level from a 4.6 (when first tested in 2002) up too a college level as of my latest 2009 prison placement T.A.B.E. test.Which I accomplished by using an assorted of small but effective techniques. Those ranging from making my own spelling words flash cards and working one new word into my own vocabulary once a week by using it in my everyday convo with fellow inmates. Then of course reading short novels that I could easily vibe with. To even muting the volume on my T.V. for months in my single cell in-order to force myself to read the closed caption to follow the programs.

All in which helped me build my spelling, reading speed and comprehension skills.

And after breaking that first major obstacle I came to realize that the only true limitations on success are the ones one places upon ones self !!

I also have a strong passion for writing music and Urban poetry. Both I've often relied on to vent my emotions and frustrations during my current situation in a positive forum.

With that said I think one of my favorite quotes by Pauline Phillips best express my future intentions in life.
"The purpose in life is to
amount to something and have
it make some difference
that you lived at all"

(Any and all constructive criticism regarding my poetry and advise/ support towards my case is welcome. Please write me at the above Name, P.O. Box 233, Black River Falls, WI 54615")

A Cry in the Night
I laid quietly in the dark,
Hearing the cries of a man,
Yet not those that come from pain,
But from something I failed to understand.

This man I speak of is kind hearted,
Perhaps the same age as I,
Yet he'll never see his daughter take her first step,
Or give her away as a bride.

For some reason it always hits him,
In the middle of the night,
That he'll never go home to his family,
For the rest of his life.

He knows not to speak of his fears,
For these men will prey on his weakness
However I seen it quite clear,
For his eyes shared the secrets.

One night he slit his wrist,
But they saved him in time,
This I must say I never seen comeing,
For he kept that too deep inside.

But now I've come to understand,
What made his tears so different,
The tears of pain, fear, death,
However the tears he shed, welcomed it...

Brandon G Daniels

Do Yo Thang
Do yo thang with yo diva slang
So sharp, so fierce, so laced with game,
Of course can't nobody tell you anything!,
When it comes to Bailer's you know every name,
And you ain't never had to want or pay for anythang!

You posess a precious jewel, but you don't care,
You bid it off, like an auction,
Men gawk and stare at you everywhere,
When you lick yo lips, and flip yo hair,
Switch yo hips, when you strut up stairs,
Arch yo butt, and puff yo square!

Yeah, you know you sexxxy,
So carmel and voluptuous,
Sweet and scrumptious,
The ideal seductress!

But really hon', you ain't got a clue,
That those men just lust for you daily,
But only love you for the moment,
And those looks will one day fade,
And those men will no longer want it,

Then all that envy and fame,
That you once craved for motivation,
Will soon become eye rolls and smirks,
From the birth of the next Diva generation,
Gone do? you thang,
With yo Diva slang,
So sharp, so fierce,
So laced with game,
Of course, can't nobody tell you anythang...

By Brandon Gold Daniels 1/29/2010

Body Language
Allow me to read between the lines,
as I close my eyes and memorize.

The envy of God's creations.
The essence of raw temptation.
The portal which brings forth new life,
and also holds the gateway of great sensation.

With eyes the shade of every existing flower.
And lips that can persuade, influence and empower.

While bearing the fragrances of exotic fruits
and candy so delicious, One literally wishes it could be devoured.

with hips that sway like a suave ocean wave.
Or a cloud of dro smoke from a blunt left to blaze.

Yes, I understand yo body braille.
The heavy punctuation in every sharp detail.

And I feel the title beneath my fingers,
presenting a story of sexual cravings.

Overwhelming my curiosity to sink my face within the cover,
For a taste of the sweet words between yo pages.

As I read yo body language....

By; Brandon Gold Daniels 5/30/2010

Shes like a ghost that appeared,
within my darkest hour.
Although I can't see her face,
I can sense her power

So sincere and ambitious,
encouraging and mysterious.
The closest thing to an angel,
that I've ever experienced.

I'm from the heart of the slums,
where the birds, don't humm.
And the elders just pray,
to see death before those who are young.

Kids bring guns to school, because
theres no brakes in trigger play.
And they even sell dope to their own momma's,
and will beat her like any other, if she doesn't pay.

What makes one see this as ok?
And not feel an ounce of shame?
As they profit and give aid.
To what eats their own families away?

My life is a horror movie,
That can be viewed from the corner.
It's narrated by the old wino's,
who beg all day, for a spare quarter.

On the set only the strongest survive,
because heartless goons rome the streets,
That are so rough even the boogieman checks under his bed,
before HE, goes to sleep.

I'm a product of my environment.
The roar amongst the silence.
Bred to be wary of kindness.
And taught the norm, is violence.
But I've finally broke the chains,
that I helped place upon my own identity.
From my lack of knowledge and subjection,
to the worlds endless opportunities.

But now my mind is free,
although my body is still caged.
And my hunger to exceed others negative expectations.
Is what helps motivate me each day.

When I call out to my ghost,
she answers to me, but vaguely.
Not in any depth or elaboration,
yet still, never ceasing to amaze me.

How long has she lived?
And what has she experienced within it.
For I must know what drives this soul,
that I've been blessed to occasionally communicate with.

If I could show just half my appreciation,
I'd embrace this being with a strong hug, and soft kiss.

If for no only reason,
it has givin me the proof of evidence.
That good angels walk among us,
and actually do exist!

In dedication to all those who help others out of the kindness of their heart and seek nothing in return.
By: Brandon "Gold" Daniels #426387

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